Death, chaos as clans clash

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The National, Monday October 14th, 2013


SIX people are reported dead and homes razed during a fight between two clans in Kagua district, Southern Highlands.

Ialibu police station commander Insp Mack Hanema and community leader Charles Luther visited the area last Saturday to try to stop the fight but were not successful.

Hanema said the fight was continuing and he would try to re-visit the area again this week with Luther and members of the peace and good order committee.

Luther said from Kagua that the fight was between the Kambia and Wambea clans living in Kataloma over the death of a councillor last year. The Kambia clan was blamed for councillor Joel Aurina’s death last year. 

Compensation was never resolved between the two clans thus the resumption of rivalry. The Kambia clan lives at Raku village. 

Luther said the late Aurina’s Wambea clan allegedly went to Ruku village, ransacked homes, burnt three men alive and hacked two others to death.

Luther said the Kambia clan later retaliated and killed a member of the Wambea clan.

He reported the matter at the Ialibu police station. Police are waiting for a reinforcement of manpower to stop the fight. 

Hanema said the number of deaths could not be confirmed because the fight was on-going and there were a lot of wounded people he saw there last Saturday.

Luther said injured people could not get to the hospitals because the two clans were monitoring each other’s movements.

He said high-powered guns were being used and more lives would be lost and properties damaged if police and authorities did not act quickly.

He urged Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, Kagua MP James Lagea and Governor William Powi to send police units to the area.

Luther said it was hard for the peace and good order committee to enter the area right now because the situation was still tense.