Deaths will be investigated: Doc

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Daoni Esorom

THE exact number of people dying from “unknown causes” around the country is unclear, but investigations are being conducted because of the threat of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Delta variant, an official says.
Deputy Pandemic Response Controller Dr Daoni Esorom said the Modilon General Hospital in Madang and Port Moresby General Hospital had reported an increasing number of people dying from unknown causes.
He said Delta cases had been reported in these areas, hence, it was important to investigate the cause of the deaths by examining the bodies. “The instruction to run tests on corpses was issued last year by the controller,” Dr Esorom said.
“It’s not new, but it is important at this time when the testing (rate for Covid-19) is very low.
“We are not doing enough tests, so we don’t know the actual extent of the spread of the Delta case.
“People are not going for tests.
“If you feel sick, experience cold, fever, loss of taste, smell or any other symptoms of the Covid-19, get tested. When you do the test, you are not only helping and protecting yourself and those around you, but also us.”
Dr Esorom said phylogenic tests were done on Delta cases to establish from which country they came from.
“We believe that the three new Delta cases are connected to the strain in Indonesia, but we are waiting for confirmation,” he said.
“Our health system is not able to deal with a surge of Delta. Get the Covid-19 vaccine, please.
“The vaccine will not prevent you from contracting Covid-19, but it will prevent you from hospitalisation and death. Some of 12 people reported to be with Delta were vaccinated, hence, their condition was mild to moderate.”