Deceased student’s relatives still awaiting compo payment

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The National, Friday 19th April 2013


RELATIVES of a Grade 8 student who died in 2011 after being hit by a PMV bus at Banning in Jiwaka have reminded the bus owner on his promise to pay them compensation.

The student, Gabriel Robert, from the Sikang Wulupe clan was attending Kudjip Primary School at that time of his death.

The owner of the bus, from the Jika tribe in Western Highlands, gave Robert’s family K20,000 and 10 pigs and promised to pay full compensation later.

A relative of Robert, who did not want to be named, said the bus owner promised to pay compensation on May 31 last year but due to the election it was postponed to the end of this month.

The relative said the compensation payment would be the last and will ensure lasting peace between the two tribes.

“We accepted the K20,000 and 10 pigs given to us at the first place and we are waiting for the compensation which will be paid at the end of this month so we can maintain peace,” he said.

“It was an accident and now we want to call on the relatives of the PMV bus owner not prolong the date of compensation.”

“Why we are saying this is because such delays can build frustrations and it can lead to problems.”

He said they were only waiting for the bus owner to make the final payment.