Decision to host RLWC in PNG right, says Dr Peponis


RUGBY League World Cup tournament chairman Dr George Peponis believes that bringing the Kumuls pool matches to PNG was a master stroke on the part of the organisers.
Peponis said the decision made sense, with the tournament being held in Australia and New Zealand, PNG seemed the logical partner as co-hosts.
“I think it’s fantastic that PNG has been able to host its pool matches in front of sell-out crowds. PNG has embraced the world cup, they love their rugby league,” Peponis said.
“In the future if Australia and New Zealand host the World Cup, it would be silly not to bring matches to PNG. Why not come to a place where it’s the national sport, which will have sell out stadiums,” he said.
“PNG has a great stadium and it’s a marvellous facility, its purpose built for rugby league. You give people a good facility and they will come.”
In his first visit to the country, Peponis was pleased to see how the public had embraced the World Cup and the way they had shown their support for the national team.
“It’s my first time to PNG and I’m really excited to be here, I’m told that the crowds are marvellous and it’s an electrifying experience.”