Deep sea tailings issues tackled

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The National – Thursday, December 16, 2010

A RESEARCH organisation, en-gaged by the government to develop a comprehensive guideline on deep sea tailings placement (DSTP) is currently conducting  a series of presentations of its reports to Ramu Nickel project stakeholders.
The Scottish association of marine science (SAMS) compiled a general DSTP guideline based on which the government will draw up various sites’ specific DSTP guidelines for future mines that may require DSTP system.
The government invited SAMS to present its findings in Madang in light of the current situation relating to the Ramu nickel mining’s proposed DSTP.   
The presentations were held at two locations – one of which was the Madang provincial government office where Member for Sumkar Ken Fairwheather, Raicoast MP James Gau, Deputy Governor of the province Bob Wati and Dr James Wang chief technical adviser (MCC) among others attended.
The other presentation held at the Divine Word University was open to interested people and was informative for the state team as they received comments and queries on the issues affecting these communities.
SAMS consultant Dr Tracy Shimmield said a draft guideline had been completed and that PNG would greatly benefit from the document in terms of compiling specific guidelines for mines, research and assessment and management of current and future deep sea mining tailings disposal systems.
The presentation will continue at Mindre village along Basamuk Bay today where the principal landowners of the area where the proposed DSTP system is being constructed, will attend.