Defacing fines introduced

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NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop says responsible authorities, including the NCD Commission, will be tough on those who are defacing Port Moresby with violence, criminal activities, littering and betel nut spittles.
He made the remarks at the opening of the City Hall Annex in Waigani yesterday.
“I am not going to waste public money on massive investments only for people to muck it up,” he said.
“We have done the hard part of getting money to build infrastructure and providing services in the city.
“The very simple thing you can do is take care of our city by not littering, spitting betel nut and respecting each other.”
Parkop said the changes and development taking place in NCD were not only important for the city but for PNG.
“It is important for us to understand that when we lift the capital city, we lift the nation,” he said.
“The transformation in the city is not only for the benefit of residents and businesses in the city because we are the national capital.
“Like it or not, we have to lead the way, we have to set the standard and we have to be the example to inspire our people.”
Parkop said he was happy with the transformation in the city but there was a lot more to be done in education, health and public transport.
“Even though we are waiting for formal advice, I am happy that the National Executive Council has endorsed our recommendations for a new provincial health authority board which should start the process of taking health responsibilities in our city.”
Parkop said public transport in the city was in a mess and that NCD was ready to take over the responsibility of managing public transport.
“Everybody knows that public transport in the city is in a mess.
“The sooner the Government hands over the responsibility to NCDC, the better it will be for everyone,” he said.
Meanwhile, Finance Department will review all fees and fines, including fines for chewing and spitting of betel nut in the city next year, Minister Rainbo Paita said.
Paita told The National that the department had the powers to do so under laws stipulated in the Public Finance Management Act. “So we will be reviewing all fees and fines, this includes the fine for chewing and spitting of betel nut in the city, fees for public motor vehicles and just about everything,” he said.
Paita said that he would also be working Parkop to look into the living costs in the city.
“We will work together on a policy to help address some of the issues like the high rental fees, prices of goods and services, etc in the city,” he said.