Defaulting PMVs spot red on drivers’ league comp

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MANY public motor vehicles (PMV) in Port Moresby have been removed from the PMV drivers national rugby league competition.
Organisers said this was because many had not complied with competition rules.
Jesse Mono, a member of the Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited (MVIL) code red team  that is monitoring the competition throughout the country, said many PMV drivers in NCD would not survive the competition because they were still overloading buses and exceeding the city’s speed limit of 60km per hour.
 “A lot of drivers in NCD with competition stickers on their buses have been ticked off the list for overloading and speeding.
“The way it is, it is possible that not one of the drivers will survive this competition,” Mr Mono said.
He said members of the MVIL task force team had been stationed at various locations around the city, including other parts of the country, with radar guns and breathalysers to monitor PMV drivers who running in the competition.
More than 4,000 PMV drivers nationwide have entered the competition.
Of that number, 50 winners will travel to Australia to watch the National Rugby League (NRL) grand final later this year.