Defective switch cuts off internet


DATA outage experienced by Telikom customers on Monday was a result of a defective DataCo switch at the Boroko Exchange in Port Moresby,” the company said.
According to a statement by Telikom Ltd, the affected switch services data traffic for all mobile network operators in the country.
All three mobile network operators were affected as a result.
Internet service providers also experienced service disruptions.
This is on top of intermittent issues with connectivity and services experienced over prior weeks.
It is expected to continue for a period of time as DataCo continues to conduct planned outages to the Coral Sea Cable System (CS2) towards the end of the month.
Customers should expect some intermittent issues with connectivity and services on all our mobile and fixed services as a result of the outages faced at the wholesale front.
“Telikom apologises for any inconvenience caused to its valued customers, but reassures them that our engineers are working closely with DataCo and are responding to issues as they arise and will continue to manage as we restore services on affected equipment, Telekom said.
“Our engineering teams will continue to monitor the situation closely and respond as and when necessary.
“A Telikom company representative stated that while the company went to great lengths to ensure reliable continuity of service for its customers, any downtime experienced by vital DataCo infrastructure/services will likely impact its ability to deliver a reliable service to its customers, as was the case on Monday.”