Defence Force engineers move in to dig up World War 2 weapons


DEFENCE Force engineers have unearthed old World War Two weapons at the disposal site in Salamaua, Huon Gulf, Morobe.
The Salamaua health centre and a primary school were forced to close when locals dug up buried World War Two weapons.
Kamiatum spokesperson Steven Michael said two very ill women died because the health centre was closed.
“The intention was (for the locals) to dig the dump and surrender all the weapons to the government. But (they ended up) fighting and burning houses leaving 226 families homeless,” Michael said.
The fighting was between people from Kela and those from Kamiatum, Popdubi and Laugui. Police officer Dick Siniwin and two others investigated those who took the old guns.
Soldiers set up camp at the Salamaua Primary School and started digging out weapons from the disposal dump.
Warrant Officer John Bungewa said they were old Japanese weapons used during World War Two.

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