Defence force welcomes commander, farewells previous head

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The National, Thursday 06th of March, 2014

THE PAPUA New Guinea Defence Force welcomed new Commander, Brig-Gen Gilbert Toropo, farewelled former commander Francis Agwi and  launched a new Defence Corporate Plan at Murray Barracks yesterday.
Department of Defence Secretary John Porti thanked Agwi for his support and leadership of the force and asked him to be a representative of the force regardless of his new career as a diplomat.
“We are happy for all you have done for us and we believe in you as a true leader for this organisation,” Porti said. A pig and garden food were presented to Agwi.
Agwi said the uniformed side of the force had already farewelled him. “You can write the defence white paper and the corporate plan, but you need both sides of the house to carry the effort forward and that is what an organisation is,” Agwi said.
He asked officers to give all their utmost support to Toropo and asked Toropo to do the same.
A live pig was presented to Toropo.
Toropo said the occasion indicated the strengthening of their working relations and it was a challenge to him and all the soldiers to work in partnership with the Department  of Defence.
The defence corporate plan 2013-2015 was launched at the combined welcome and farewell.