Defence force will continue civic, humanitarian jobs: Toropo

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PAPUA New Guinea Defence Force Commander Gilbert Toropo says they will be committed in responding to civic and humanitarian operations in the country.
Brig-Gen Toropo said the force would be busy because, apart from their normal military duties, the national government had shifted the National Disaster Office and National Fire Service (from the Intergovernment Relations Ministry) with National Volunteer Services (from the Community Development Youth and Region Department) to the PNG Defence Force.
Toropo said this during the pass out parade of 150 new soldiers of the 2019 first intake at the Goldie River Training Depot in the Central.
“PNGDF is doing well so the national government is allocating us new responsibilities.
“This means that there will be more work for us. And I have confidence in our people that we can manage the changes to serve our people well.”
Toropo said 2019 was the year of reconstruction and the force would be utilised to carry out state programmes and duties.
He said 340 soldiers were still in the Highlands.
“We have engineers working along the Baiyer-Madang road and a contingent of men working on road projects in Finschafen district in Morobe,” Toropo said.
“Our soldiers are also serving along our international borders. This is our calling and I’m proud that our people are doing well in these operations in spite of the challenges,” he said.
“This is what happens when you preform. Your services in demand which I think is a good sign that our Government and our people are beginning to have confidence in the military.”
Toropo also thanked their partners the Defence Forces from Australia, New Zealand and the United States for supporting them in their programmes.

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