Defence launches new website

The National,Tuesday June 28th, 2016

Information technology has become an integral part of the growth and transformation of the PNG Defence Organisation, according to PNG Defence Force commander Brig-Gen Gilbert Toropo.
This was evident last Friday when Toropo (pictured) launched a PNG Defence Organisation website in Port Moresby.
“As we enter the 21st century, information technology has become an integral part of all human existence and operations in the conduct of business and activities in any organisation,” Toropo said.
He said IT was a key aspect in the drive towards bringing professionalism to the organisation.
“We are able to see this significant development come from a very small intention directed by the government through the White Paper to become an integral part of the PNGDF redevelopment and transformation,” Toropo said.
“As the PNGDO moves forward, this capability will really help us to tell our stakeholders and our people and the Government of what PNGDO is all about and its future plans and visions.
The website captures information and activities of three different partners that make up the PNGDO-PNGDF, the Defence Ministry and Department of Defence.