Defence safety framework established


THE Papua New Guinea Defence Force air transport wing (PNGDF ATW) has developed a safety framework to ensure safer operation with aircraft, acting commanding officer Nancy Wii says.
“The PNGDF air element should be proud of this significant milestone achievement through the flight of excellence programme,” she said.
Wii said the framework had been established to bring the PAC-750XL aircraft to a flying status.
She said the framework was developed and implemented through the partnership between the transport wing and Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).
Wii said they were fortunate to have four additional RAAF personnel work with transport wing as part of the Olgeta Aviator programme.
She said the partnership between the transport wing and RAAF was promising and the establishment of the framework would also open up other opportunities with other aircraft.
Wii said the flight of excellence had put the transport wing worthiness system in order and she thanked both transport wing and RAAF for the achievement.