Defunct association still receiving money

National, Normal

The National, Friday November 8th, 2013

 AN association supposedly representing a village community in Southern Highlands has reportedly been defunct and no longer serving the people but it has continued to collect money in the name of the community, it has been claimed.

Community leader Ferman Masin Tamu, of Kendagl village in Ialibu, raised the concern after learning that the Yamu Association was used in claiming some funds for projects but the projects had not been carried out in the community.

Tamu said the association, represented 2,000-plus people in Ialibu, was formed 20 years ago to bring projects and resolve issues. 

“The purpose of this association was to use it as a vehicle to bring projects to benefit everyone rather than waiting for the government,” he said.

“We cannot sit idle expecting one source for projects. We have our educated elites and interested parties who could assist us if we are more organised,” he said.

However, Tamu said the purpose of the association was driven in a different direction by some executives and committee members to gain for their own interest. 

He said that had frustrated the people and they demanded the so-called executives to come out publicly with its financial report and competed projects.