Dege should keep a cool head at all times problems

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The National, Wednesday September 11th, 2013

 IT is good to see certain managers doing their best to get rid of corruption that is rampant in almost all statutory bodies and government departments.  

National Housing Corporation (NHC) managing director John Dege has done a good job revitalising it by engaging officers in training programmes and defending  the corporation in his two recent meetings with Public Accounts Committee chairman John Hickey and his  team. 

I commend Dege for his efforts and leadership. But I  do not agree with the way he handled an allegation of corrupt dealings by one of his officers. 

He did the right thing by calling the police. But  should have controlled his emotions and handled the situation calmly. 

He should have exercised some restraint and used appropriate measures to get the message to the officer and fellow NHC employees. 

He should have called a private meeting with the concerned officer and referred him to the police if such an action was warranted.

It is surprising that he had no clue about such corrupt deals in NHC until this particular case. 

I think this is the tip of the iceberg and Hickey, along with the task force team, needs to investigate the NHC and bring others who may also be involved in similar deals to account.

This will definitely make Dege’s job much easier and he would not have to shout at his subordinates. 


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