Dekena says leaders must prepare people for the times

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The National- Thursday, February 3, 2011

 PEOPLE will be set to immensely benefit only through good leadership at these exciting times of resource developments in liquefied natural gas (LNG) and other developments.

“The current exciting time and lucrative benefits anticipated will not be enjoyed by the people if we do not have good leadership at the political and administrative levels,” Minister for Lands and Physical Planning and Gumine MP Lucas Dekena said during the opening of Dirima community water supply in Gumine, Chimbu, recently.

“If we do not have good leaders at these opportune times, the people will greatly miss out and will not prosper, adding that if the leaders were corrupt the people would not excel in life but if the leaders were good the people would excel in life.

He said he will work to serve the interest of everybody in projects such as providing good water supply for the people.

“I have a vision to make Gumine become a model district in PNG; to achieve that we have to start small.

“Developments happening in the district are based on needs and emergency,” Dekena said.

His four main development areas are fixing roads and bridges, and improving electricity and communication, water supply, education and health services.

Chimbu Governor Fr John Garia has congratulated Gumine for setting the pace for development in the province.

He said under the leadership of Dekena the district was changing fast.

 “I want to congratulate the joint district budget priority committee who is putting the money into projects that matters,” Garia said.

He urged people to take care of government services provided and also work to earn a living instead of being lazy and waiting for things to happen.

Dekena presented  K50, 000 to Dirma Primary School and applauded the contractor of the project James Wai and organiser Peter Wai.