Delay in allowance payments concerns councillors

The National,Wednesday June 29th, 2016

WARD councillors in Morobe have not been paid their outstanding allowances since 2014 and it is greatly affecting their performance, a councillor says.
Ward five councillor Steven Singut in the Ahi Local Level Government said they had not been paid as promised by the Government.
Singut said they were entitled to receive K7200 as an outstanding back pay but they only received K4800 last year.
He said there was so many political statements in the media regarding councillors’ pay but they were still waiting.
He said the department responsible for paying the councillors should let them know the reasons for delaying their payment.
“They should not make us wait and put us in suspense. We continuously check our bank balance for our allowances. Councillors could not do their work properly because they needed money to carry out their duties.”
Ward two councillor of the Salamaua LLG Alenn Buka said they were not paid last year.
“We are the eyes and ears of the State because we live with the people and we know their needs. They should not delay our payments,” he said.