Delay in subsidies forces schools to shut

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ALL schools in New Ireland face imminent closure due to not receiving school subsidies for the fourth quarter.
This move was revealed by the chairman of secondary and high school board of management throughout the province who are concerned with the manner in which the provincial educational subsidy was managed.
The shortfalls for the third quarter have not been paid as well as headmasters’ claim for the third term.
This issue has been raised with the provincial director of education, Dr John Hamau through a meeting and the outcome of the meeting is yet to be released.
Headmasters have reported that school operation have been badly affected with outstanding bills from service providers piling up.
Schools are allegedly operating without adequate power supply due to outstanding power bills and are being deprived of study sessions during the night.
Manggai High School and Madina High School have been experiencing this problem for more than two months and have had to cancel night studies and activities as they could not afford to meet the operational costs for power bills.
Parents have been advised that Grades 9 and 11 would be sent home if nothing positive eventuates by tomorrow.
Consequently, Grade 12 examinations will be affected but headmasters said they had taken this move to protect the interest of students.
It is understood that students’ fees are paid in three parts – parental component, provincial government component and national government component.
Since the introduction of the provincial government’s subsidised policy, the provincial government is paying the parental component.
Many schools have claimed that the delay was the cause of most of the problems experienced by the schools.