Delay over dues irks polls officials

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The National, Tuesday August 07th, 2012

SEVERAL officials on election duties in Madang have yet to receive their allowances. Robert Tuma, a member of Team 39 for the Madang Urban Local Level Government area, was disappointed the electoral staff ignoring the hardships they faced.
Another official Dorothy Mark counting at Saidor, in the Raicoast district, voiced disappointment at the slow pace in which allowances were being paid.
The provincial election steering committee members were given the use of hired vehicles and accommodation at the Star International Hotel for the duration of polling and counting.
Tuma, who had walked the Wanuma jungles, in the Transgogol area, confirmed yesterday they were still waiting for outstanding allowances to be paid.
“We checked the provincial treasury office and they said that there is no money in there,” he said.
“We are still waiting. We risked ourselves during that time and it will be two weeks since the return of writs and we don’t know what is happening.
“My team walked 18 hours and stayed overnight at Ebenan village, there was no car to pick us up after waiting two hours.
In those boxes that we brought back, one had only 20 ballot papers in it and in Kosilanta village only 72 people voted.”
Tuma said now that the job had been done, “provincial election manageress, Emily Siamoli must come out and tell us what is going on.”
“They have their meetings and are accommodated at the Star International, they get their sitting allowances of K200 and what about the rest of us?” he asked.
It is understood Siamoli and another officer are currently in Port Moresby to resolve the allowance issue and should be able to make payments on their return this week.