Delay in training upsets coffee farmers in Markham district


THE delay in staging the Coffee Quality and Production Improvement training in Markham district, Morobe, has left many farmers in the district unhappy.
Kah-Para Coffee Farmers’ Association secretary Archie Luther, of Maraboi and Saria village in Umi Atzera LLG, said the district division of agriculture and livestock has let the farmers down.
He said the training had been approved by the district administration for funding but that was not done.
It is understood that the week-long training should have been conducted last week but was deferred.
The 160 farmers of the two villages see the training as a vital tool to help them produce good-quality coffee in their area to meet market requirements.
Luther said farmers from the headwaters of Umi River have been preparing for the training.
“The Markham DAL and the administration should push for such trainings to happen as that would enhance coffee production in the district,” he said.
“It is a major way forward for boosting the district economy and also in line with the Government’s 100-days plan.”
The farmers in the district were also urged to register their projects with the district DAL office for more dialogue.
Luther said the farmers were now waiting for the Markham district DAL office to advise them when the training would be held.