Delay with postings for Madang teachers

National, Normal

By Almanzo Matbob

Madang government agency teachers and new teacher graduates are in total confusion and frustration over their postings for this year.
 A concerned teacher told The National yesterday that they have been waiting for almost a month for their posting, but to date nothing has been done.
“They keep telling us to come back tomorrow every time we come to the education office”, she said.
The teacher, who asked not to be named, said it would be good for them to know their postings early so they could start moving to their designated schools and prepare for the school year.
Teachers have been seen cueing outside the provincial education office since the beginning of January but have been given the same answer.
The National understands that the mission agencies schools in the province were prepared for the school year. Most of the mission agency teachers had their postings and were ready to resume classes.
A tentative posting list was published by the provincial education department, but according to the teacher the list was not correct as number of teachers missed out on their postings.
Attempts to contact the head of the provincial education department for an interview were unsuccessful.