Delta cases increasing, doc says

Health Watch

WITH the number of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Delta cases slowly increasing, a doctor says it is important that people take heed of the control measures and get the Covid-19 vaccination as soon as they can.
National Pandemic deputy controller Dr Daoni Esorom announced on Tuesday that three new Delta variant cases were reported in Western bringing the total delta cases in Papua New Guinea to 12.
He said the Covid-19 testing capacity around the country was low, hence, the actual number of cases could be higher.
Dr Esorom highlighted that the vaccination uptake in the country was very low which meant that there was a very high chance of a Delta variant surge in the unvaccinated population which the health system of the country would not be able to handle.
He urged health facilities to increase swabbing and testing.
Dr Esorom also encouraged the people to take heed of the Covid-19 measures and get vaccinated to protect themselves.
He said so far, 119,307 people had been vaccinated, of which, 24,888 were fully vaccinated and 94,419 had received the first dose.
The three vaccines available in the country for people to choose from are AstraZeneca, Sinopharm and Johnson and Johnson.
The National visited the Port Moresby General Hospital Sinopharm vaccination
station on Monday and people in line for the Covid-19 vaccine shared why they chose to get vaccinated. Here are what some said:

James Tom:
I chose to get the vaccine because I believe it will protect me from the Covid-19. I heard about the Delta variant and I was prompted to get the vaccine quickly to protect myself, my family and people around me. No one forced me to take the vaccine. It was my personal choice after some serious thinking.

Joel Umba:
Many people are saying that the Covid-19 vaccines are not good, but, I see that a lot of people have taken the vaccine and there is nothing wrong with them. After that, I think it is okay for me to get the vaccine as well. It will protect me from getting sick and make it easier for me to travel and work as well.

Francis Minbuna:
I think it is important to get any of the Covid-19 vaccines that are available. I don’t want to be infected with the virus and then spread it to others. The vaccine is for our protection. I have plans to look for a job in the future so getting the vaccine will assure the companies that I will be applying to that job I am mindful of any safe workplace policies.

Jonah Sokea:
I observed and realised that the Covid-19 has affected many countries very badly and a lot of people have died already. In PNG, too many people have been affected and some have died. I decided that I need to get the vaccine for my own safety. I believe it will give the protection I need.

Philip Omaro:
My health is important, hence, I chose to get the vaccine to protect myself. I have a lot of years ahead of me to live and I must do the right thing to protect myself which will also enable me to travel with ease during this Covid-19 pandemic period.

Samarai Kaisum:
Taking the Covid-19 vaccine is for my own safety as well as my family and people around me. I must be protected from the people around me and do the right thing to protect others as well. In this pandemic period, some companies may have the Covid-19 vaccination as a requirement for employment, hence, it is better to be proactive and get the vaccine.