Demand driven concept better option for Jiwaka

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The National- Tuesday, January 25, 2011

 THE attainment of provincial separation is a feat and while the Jiwakas are tremendously proud of this achievement the greater task of developing the mechanism to execute the dreams and aspirations of all of them is at hand and due.

There are currently options available to the Jiwaka transitional authority (JTA) to consider. 

The provincial bureaucracy model that is currently grossly underperforming when it comes to serving the needs of citizens and the autonomy route which sounds great but with our dependency culture, adds to the strain already faced by Waigani. 

These are off-the-shelf, ready-made compositions with working flaws and non-dynamic structures. I propose that the JTA looks at another alternative – the demand driven structure (DDS). The primary thrust of this structure is its fluidity and robustness incorporating simplicity with in-built efficiency. 

This structure essentially emphasizes the need to identify the opportunities and constraints facing the Jiwaka in today’s modern era, establishing impact-based solutions framework and then creating the performance-orientated vehicle to either capitalize on the opportunities available or combat root causes of constraints.

This does not mean that the traditional provincial departments like health, education and agriculture and livestock will be done away with. 

The DDS will act as a tool for molding the internal structure of these departments, that is, services to the community, at the highest levels of efficiency and at the most cost effective routes. But this structure does more. 

It also enables an informed feedback system from the community who are so often forgotten. In addition, it acts as a built in M&E, ensuring that responsibility for the delivery of milestones, tasks and activities are clearly defined in the structure and are position liable.

Furthermore, it develops each employee’s key result areas (KRAs) and forms the platform for performance appraisals, ensuring the employees of Jiwaka provincial government are performing and rewards given to high achievers.

Externally, its greatest financial appeal to the government and donors will lie in its cascading logic. Built from activity level up, its structure will be in line with all major government and donor developmental plans. 

Its appeal is further enhanced by the fact that its structure has been formulated from the needs of the Jiwaka and the mold has been carved to materialise and remedy these needs. Moreover, its M&E is explicitly clear.

To some DDS may seem too daunting. But let’s ask ourselves this: Would you buy a product off the shelf that has known flaws? I certainly would not and the people of Jiwaka demand better. DDS is evolutionary in nature and requires forward thinkers, the Jiwaka are all that. 

DDS is just that and the Jiwaka have the opportunity to show PNG and the world that we can be dynamic, efficient and progressive in a static system. So what are we waiting for?



Shane Kewa 

Via email