Demand for fish high at Koki market


THE new fish market at Koki has become a focal point of people living in the National Capital District including the big hotels, fisherman Alu Vula Kwara says.
Kwara told The National that fishermen supplied the market every day to cater for the big demand for fish.
“Since the establishment of the market, we see that fresh fish has become a big demand every day for people in the NCD, including foreigners and chefs in big hotels,” he said.
“And we are always out fishing to make sure that we supply the market with fish the next day.”
Kwara said the market had helped make life easy for them by selling their catch and getting supplies of fuel and ice.
“Most of us are unemployed and we sell fish for our children’s school fees and of course giving our church contributions.
“We are now earning K200 to K300 a day from this market and breathing fresh air in the clean environment.”
He also said the price for fish depended on the weather and on demand and supply.
“Our selling price for fish is K15 and upwards. But if there are lots of sellers, our prices drop. If not, they increase.
“Sometimes because of the weather conditions like rough seas or full moon when we don’t catch much, we increase our prices just to cover for the expenses on the fuel, ice and other things we need,” Kwara said.

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