Dentist appeals for funds to fix intestines

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The National, Wednesday, June 8th 2011

A DENTIST from Kararau village in Angoram, East Sepik, is appealing for help so he can have life-saving medical treatment in Singapore.
Dr Mathew Fallan, who has been practising for more than 30 years, needs K80,000 to continue his battle against intestinal cancer.
Fallan said, before his diagnosis, he ate red meat regularly, smoked and drank alcohol almost daily and that had almost cost him his life.
He said it was a hard lesson and he wanted other people to be aware and careful with what they ate and drank.
He said an operation involving such cancer cases was expensive.
Singapore’s Raffles Hospital medical director’s report by Dr Yang Ching Yu said Fallan was found to have rectal cancer with a possible metastasis liver disease and was referred to Raffles for treatment.
Fallan was believed to be suffering from cancer of the large intestine, with a secondary spread to the liver at that time.
Surgical operations in Singapore to remove the cancerous lesion resulted in his small and large intestines being separated.
Last November, he had an ultra-low anterior resection with loop colostomy, or simply an opening was made in his abdominal wall to provide an artificial anus.
Fallan hoped to raise the K80,000 for his return trip later this month to have his intestines put back together.
“Hospital bills, air fares and accommodation are around K80,000,” he said.
He said he had received help from generous individuals, the East Sepik provincial government, other organisations and work colleagues.
Those willing to help financially for his next round of treatment in Singapore can make donations to: Account name: Mathew Fallan, account # 1000872821, BSP Wewak. His phone contacts are: 7247 9793, 7371 5339, 7696 1214 or 7109 3683.