Department heads


THE article in The National on Wednesday ‘Heads to roll in civil service’ has many twists and turns.
The announcement by Prime Minister James Marape that all government department head positions will be advertised is a bold undertaking to remove the wantok system appointments made under the previous government which have led to many untold damage.
Since making his stand to remove the PNC Party to the opposition benches, he has exercised firmness which no other prime minister has done in PNG to advertise all top jobs in the civil service because many of these heads have connections to the previous government and their business cronies and networks.
What he has done is to clean the civil service of high profile corruption and to restore integrity of the civil service and all Papua New Guineans should support him.
Classic examples of these are the corrupt Taurama land deal and the K100 million medicines contract awarded to Borneo Pacific Pharmaceutical Ltd and many more.
One of the challenges to the prime minister is that if he is to advertise all the departmental head positions, can he likewise do so in his own department by setting an example in advertising the Chief Secretary’s position as a matter of fairness to the other department heads?


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