Department presents K2mil to church groups


TWO church groups received K2 million from the Department of Community Development, Youth and Religion yesterday under the church-State partnership programme.
Minister Wake Goi said the funding was a commitment made by Prime Minister James Marape and himself to help the work of the churches in the country.
The Body of Christ church
group received K1 million and Wantok Radio Light received K1 million.
Goi said the Body of Christ would use the money to build a unity pillar project in front of the Parliament House.
He said the Wantok Radio Light had given a submission requesting funding to help its operations.
Body of Christ deputy chairman Ps Michael Wilson said the unity pillar was a special project which would have a special design and message to the people of Papua New Guinea for the coming generations.
“The main message that will be designed and built is about our diversity; we are a country with a thousand tribes and the only thing that brought our forefathers together to become a nation was the word of God,” he said.
“When the Word of God came, it brought unity to our country.
“We don’t want our future generations to forget that it is God’s Word that put us together to become a nation,” he said.
He said the pillar would incorporate the Constitution, the Government, the people and the Word of God.