Department told to uphold law regardless of costs

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THE association of the Attorney- General‘s office with the Deputy Prime Minister‘s office is a boost for the law and justice sector DPM and Minister for Justice and Attorney General Davis Steven says.
Steven told members of the National Coordination Mechanism (NCM) of the Law and Justice Sector and officers from the Department of Justice and Attorney General (DJAG) yesterday that they needed to uphold the country’s laws and do their duty regardless of the cost.
“Our people want a nation that is rich, prosperous and they are happy and have peace, ours is a journey towards making our nation the richest, black Christian nation,” Steven said.
“All of us should be challenged today to ask where is DJAG, police, and all the law and justice sector agencies.
“I’m honoured to be appointed Deputy Prime Minister. I didn’t expect to be given this office.
“I stand here very humbled and honoured knowing that the decision to elevate DJAG with deputy PM is an answer to our expectations for those of us who are serious about the new direction that our nation must take.
“The fights have been abandoned. “The issues of injustice and the lack of attention to the rule of law and the institutional integrity and democratic ideals that we have diverted from must be corrected.
“Today I’m talking to the very people, the key players in this process that we should not let our nation down,” he said. “For the next two years, the office of the Deputy PM and Office of Attorney-General will still be here.
“The challenge is this, can we be the beacon of hope of change that our people pray and hope for?”
Steven challenged law and justice sector agencies to do their part to help fulfil Prime Minister James Marape’s goal of national prosperity.
“It’s now time for us to arrest the decline, decay and deterioration turn things around,” Steven said.
“It’s starts in Department of Justice and Attorney General and it starts now.”

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