Department working on ‘exit policy’ for public servants

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THE Department of Personnel Management has initiated an “exit policy” through their legislative obligations under the Public Service Management Act (as amended) which will support public servants who retire after serving for more than 15 years.
Public servants under the retirement category will be supported through the exit policy linking them to small to medium enterprises.
The parties involved in this policy include the Department of Personnel Management, Nambawan Superannuation Ltd, National Development Bank, SME Corporation, Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance and other relevant stakeholders.
Assistant deputy secretary policy and reforms William Hapipai said feedbacks from stakeholder roles in this policy would be formalised followed by further consultations.

One thought on “Department working on ‘exit policy’ for public servants

  • A very sensible and responsible policy. Takes care of the aging workforce and makes way for the many recent graduates with new/fresh ideas. The public service machinery has become a liability to the populace it is supposed to serve. It needs to be re-juvenated and re-energised to take PNG into the next century.

    I suggest a compulsory retirement for all those over 65 starting 2021. They have saved enough money to live a comfortable life hereon. Make way for the many university and college graduates who in many cases are better qualified to steer the country forward. The retired public servants can always be brought in as consultants should it be necessary.

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