Depression increasing in PNG

Health Watch, Normal

THE word depression is often used among people mainly to describe the feelings of sadness which all of us feel and experience at some stage of our lives.
It can also be called clinical depression.
Depression is very common and some time it can confuse people with unhappiness and sadness which occur in our daily life.
Depression is primarily a disorder of emotion. Most people, when they are faced with extra stress, such as the loss of a loved one, relationship breakdown or great disappointment or frustration, will feel unhappy and sad.
These are emotional reactions which are appropriate to the situation and will last only to certain time frame.
“Clinical depression” does not describe just one illness but a group of illnesses characterised by excessive depressed mood which basically affects the person”s life.
Now, studies have demonstrated the depression is the most-common cause of disability across the world.
Whilst studies demonstrated that one of the seven adult persons in USA have mood disorder during a single year; 7% in Brazil; almost 10% in Germany and 4.2% in Turkey. In USA, 5% of children aged nine to 17years were found to have depression disorder, though to spare (Mental Health WHO 2001) youth and adolescents. 
* We must be mindful of this as if you ignore, it can result into suicide.
* Depression and schizophrenia are responsible for almost of all suicide. 
* In Papua New Guinea, clinical depression is increasing steadily in our clinics.