Dept confirms 58 public servants


SIXTY-eight officers of the Foreign Affairs Department recruited in 2014 through the foreign service training programme have ended their induction and are confirmed permanent public servants.
The officers signed the application for permanency, sworn oaths of office and received induction certificates.
Department’s acting secretary Barbara Age said: “The oath of loyalty that you have sworn is important. I hope every day you will list it as a basis for the work you do in service of our country.
“I encourage you to put it there in front of you every day as a reminder of what is expected of you.
“Apart from knowing the relevant parts of our national Constitution and legislation, Public Service General Orders, Financial Management Act and general policies of our government in particular the foreign policy of our country, I urged you to be model public servants and be proud of who you represent.”
Niwia Olewale, from the Personal Management Department, who facilitated the induction, said: “Prior to this induction training, they were not well versed with the Public Finance Management Act, Public Service Management Act, they didn’t know the benefits like public servants should have.
“They only knew what they had but through this programme, they have been able to interact and ask questions.”