Dept lacks regulatory framework


THE Education Department does not have a regulatory framework to manage the provision of early childhood learning in the country causing an increase in the number private pre-schools, an official says.
Education Department first secretary for policy and planning John Kawaga said, because the Government had not placed any regulatory and monitoring policies, there were new schools being established offering differing programmes and focuses, charging a range of fees and employing personnel at their discretion.
“Today in the country, there has been a big shift in how people make business in private and public sectors.” Kawage made the comments in a speech to parents and staff during the 25th graduation of the Waigani Christian College’s reading readiness and pre-school programme yesterday in Port Moresby.
A total of 70 students from kindergarten, pre-school and elementary (grade one-four) graduated.
The Department of Education has developed a programme to take on board early childhood for next year. It will be launched next year.
“The new government is serious about taking the country back and education is an important sector that we need to take back in quality education,” he said.