Dept officers discuss curriculum monitoring

Lae News, Normal

The National, Wednesday 30th November 2011

THE Department of Education is conducting a week-long curriculum symposium in Lae with the theme ‘Effective management and implementation of the curriculum through and efficient standards monitoring and evaluation system’.
Over 30 participants from all over the country comprising of standards, guidance and curriculum officers at elementary, primary and secondary levels are attending the meeting at the Lae International Hotel.
The symposium aims at developing and bettering understanding curriculum content and knowledge on most or all subjects.
It will develop monitoring and evaluation instruments to monitor, report and enhance implementation of curriculums at all three levels of education.
The meeting is aimed at fostering professional and working relations between the Curriculum and Standards divisions, with officers to be updated on the curriculum and development and assessment division’s intervention projects, including POPED, READ PNG and EQUITV Phase 2.
The controversial Outcome Based Education will be a topic of discussion, with contingency plans formulated on how to phase it out.
The symposium began on Monday and ends on Friday.