Dept pens policy to develop districts

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 16th April 2013

 THE department of provincial and local level government affairs is currently working on drafting a mi­nimum standard policy for the districts.

The main objective of the policy is to restore public servants confidence to move back to the districts to implement the government’s development policies.

The policy will provide for housing and basic services including hospitals for all districts to motivate public servants to work in the rural areas.

This is a key activity for the department to undertake this year.

This will  ensure that key enablers are in place in the rural areas in light of the increased DSIP funding from the government.

One of the requirements of the policy is that all local level governments have offices which are fully equipped for the LLG presidents and their staff to operate from.

Meanwhile, with the upcoming LLG elections the department indicated an increase in the number of LLG and wards for this year as approved by the head of state and endorsed by NEC.

However, it was unable to indicate the areas and confirm the total number LLG and wards after the inclusions because official paperwork has yet to be received.

Currently there are 313 LLGs and 6,138 wards, however, these numbers are subject to change.