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DANIEL Kombuk has been suspended as secretary to the Department of Agriculture and Livestock following the alleged misappropriation of K22 million in public investment programme (PIP) funding.
Minister for Agriculture and Livestock John Simon said yesterday that the decision was made by National Executive Council (NEC) after due processes were followed through with the Department of Personnel Management (DPM) and the Public Service Commission (PSC). “Letters have been sent to DPM and PSC. The suspension is effective immediately,” he said.
The NEC has appointed Steven Mombi acting secretary pending the outcome of the investigation.
“The NEC had to make this decision amid the confusion over the alleged misappropriation of K22 million in PIP funding by (the department) under the leadership of Kombuk,” he said.
“It’s important that we allow an independent audit to be done so that we can know the truth.”
He said it would also be good for Kombuk as it would give him the chance to clear his name.
Mombi has been tasked to:

  • PUT together a price support policy plus other policies necessary to grow the economy; and,
  • INVESTIGATE expenditure in the department in 2019, 2020 and 2021, especially the K24mil paid to individuals which contravened warrant instructions from the Treasury Department.

He will also look into a long-term agriculture sector plan, agriculture sector medium-term plan beyond 2022, national agriculture sector policy, have regular consultative meetings with commodity boards and provincial department officers, weekly or fortnightly executive committee meetings.


  • Good to see the swiftness to rectify this issue. And please keep at it until all is expose. Media you need to follow this case as well. So many incomplete stories that journalist dont follow through is prevalent in this nation. Agriculture is the backbone of PNG. we have seen so many support given since Minister Simon took office so please help to expose corrupt individuals who are benefiting from funds that should help a villager put money into their pocket. They should be named and shamed.

  • it is vital to do proper investigation by sending external auditors to check the usage of K22 million for Public investment Programmed ( PIP) funding. The Public fund is not owned by the any public servants but it is rightly for benefit of the people of this Nation. If thorough investigation is done and if he is found Guilty then he should be punish for breaking the Law which is governing us.

  • The A/department MUST provide the names of those who involved in one way or the other in these ill practices and if found guilty -MUST face the consequences-Let Justice Take its Course.
    Planti gutpela wokman meri wok gut tasol sampela liklik hambak lain tu bagarapim wok stap so sekim ol na rausim ol long wok na ol go stap long ples!

  • Agriculture is one activity that will involve all land-owning Papua New Guineans now and into the future. The government through the appropriate departments must promote this economic activity that will sustain our people’s livelihood even when all our natural resources are gone. Why is it that the very people employed to manage our meagre funds geared towards supporting this sector misusing and stealing at will? This is not the first time such monies have gone missing or have been misused by the senior managers of the department and its agencies. The government needs to set up a committee to manage these funds or employ expatriates at key positions!

  • Such Individuals holding positions of power must be accountable.Many abuse the positions they hold.This seem to be a trend in the public office they hold. We look forward and hope justice is done.This is public money and people of his calibre who abuse their positions must be dealt with by the law and put behind bars.

  • Good to have the Agri-Secretary suspended, but the end outcome is not promising but compromising. How soon are we going to see any white-collar criminals in the likes Daniel Kumbak to be investigated quickly and have them behind bars. Our PNG Justice System is very weak drags on and consumes alot of time/money under the expenses of the tax payers. The suspended incubments smillying away and relaxing knowing very well that they will be manipulating the Weak Court System to avoid been imprisonment for their misconducts, but instead to have them aqquited after the leghty court battles. Commin, PNG Court System.. Wake Up..

  • Close down DAL and make all officers redundant. Its just another money laundering organization. Its glory days are over.

  • If PM James Marape wants to be a real leader he must suspend Minister as well. He is also reported by the secretary that he has miss used K55million.
    He is the minister responsible and he should have guided his secretary when seen him doing wrong.
    I believe this is a bad trend minister is trying to use.
    Suspend both and let the investigation take place and both of them can clear their names.
    This does not mean that he is the minister and he can do anything under the sun.
    This country is too big for one individual including minister or even prime minister.
    Lets fight corruption and take back PNG, Suspend both minister and secretary.

  • Year in and out with changes in the Government and Ministers, such incident of fraudulent corruption is prevalent. The question is; What penalty can stop or eradicate such happenings in future despite government/ministers changes? Even though there is a very distinctive process to curb such corruption, enforcement has to be very tough not only behind bars but has to be a live long measure. For instance, terminate/revoke qualification and even band the perpetrators from future employment in the country whether it be private or public sector. Sound infringement into the rights of an individual but something has to happen to stop the going as it is getting tough every year.

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