Dept to manage projects

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 23rd, 2013

 MORE than 19 kilometres of the 40km road in Lae is undergoing major upgrading work.

Works Minister Francis Awesa and his department secretary, David Wereh said in view of widespread mismanagement of contracts in design and construction and financial aspects of the project, the government had directed funding of the project to the Works Department to manage and execute.

They said since inheriting responsibility for the road, the department had dealt with many issues, including uncontrolled variations enumerating to K140 million and poor workmanship, with major flaws and irregularities in the technical standards and contract documents.

They said the project status in the city was that the tenders for the next 20km of concrete pavement had closed on Feb 27.

Priority on the Lae road is the reconstruction and rehabilitation work, while routine maintenance works of the other sections not on the programme should become the responsibility of the provincial government, they said.

They said the project was managed by a steering committee represented by the works and transport departments, the provincial administration, the Morobe Chamber of Commerce and Morobe community representatives.

They said the Lae city road upgrading project was a strategic project of national importance. 

“Design is key so that we avoid repeat of premature failures and substandard projects,” they said.

“We wish to assure all our citizens of the Lae city and the Governor Kelly Naru that all standard and process are now in place to deliver high standard roads.”