Deputy administrator attacked

National, Normal

The National, Thursday July 25th, 2013


THE deputy provincial administrator for Jiwaka, Joseph Karap, was attacked last Saturday because of the LLG elections.

A candidate contesting the Kendu 2 council ward in North Waghi occupied by Karap’s brother had mobilised his men and raided Karap’s home destroying properties in the early hours of last Saturday.

Acting provincial police commander for Jiwaka Billy Kombul condemned the attack, saying it was very disrespectful for the clansmen to do such damage to a senior public servant in the province.

“My officers will deal with those offenders and have them arrested so that they can face the full brunt of the law,” he said.

Karap said that two 10-seater vehicles – one belonging to the National Statistical Office and his private one – were destroyed with another hired vehicle.

He said supporters of the candidate used axes, bush knives and stones to destroy the windscreens and side glasses.

“The damage is so immense and is beyond repair. I don’t understand why my clansmen can do such damage to my property,” Karap said.

“I’m not happy at the way my own men have mobilised against me. I’ve never been involved in politics. 

“During good and bad times I am always with the community and contribute in a big way. 

“I will make sure those offenders do not get away easily.”