Deputy CJ pays tribute to Sagu at ceremonial sitting

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THE judiciary has lost a colleague, a power of strength and a prayerful woman, Deputy Chief Justice Ambeng Kandakasi says.
“A woman, a person who saw no challenge in every mountain thrown to her and she was able to handle it until she reached the pinnacle of these mountains,” he said.
Justice Kandakasi made the remarks at a ceremonial sitting yesterday in the Waigani National Court in honour of the late Justice Regina Sagu.
The ceremonial sitting was attended by judges of National and Supreme courts, representatives from the public prosecutors and solicitors’ offices, magistrates, lawyers from the state and private law firms, military guards, judiciary staff and family members.
Justice Sagu was born on April 5, 1956.
“She was one of the first woman who was able to marry outside her province,” Justice Kandakasi said.
“Through her marriage, she was able to unite the people of Telefomin and the people of Enga.
“She met her husband Barton (deceased) who supported and guided her, unlike many men, to read law which she completed.
“She became one of a few nationally accredited woman mediators in recent times.”
Justice Kandaksi said she was the first woman judge from the Highlands and the first executive director of the PNG Centre of Judicial Excellence.
“After graduating in law, she worked with the first legislative counsel,” he said.
“She was a senior provincial magistrate in Wabag where she gave a facelift to the district court.”
He said it was befitting that the Enga government decided to recognise her services and allowed her remains to be laid to rest in front of the district court in Wabag.
Justice Sagu, who, at the time of her passing, was one of the three judges based in the Mt Hagen National Court in Western Highlands. She died while serving her first year as judge of the National and Supreme courts.
She was appointed by the Judicial and Legal Services Commission in December 2019, but took up her appointment last March 19 to serve as a judge for 10 years.
She passed away on March 12.
Her remains will be repatriated to Mt Hagen today and then proceed for burial in Wabag.