Deputy ministers sworn in

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The National, Thursday 23rd August, 2012

TWELVE new deputy ministers were sworn in at the Government House in Port Moresby yesterday.
The ceremony, officiated by Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio, was witnessed by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and other parliamentary leaders. They included treasurer and Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party’s Don Pomb Polye (Kandep), People’s Movement for Change’s Gary Juffa (Northern governor), New Generation Party’s Ronny Knight (Manus open) and People’s Party’s
Peter Ipatas (Enga governor) and Minister for Forest and Climate Change and National Alliance’s Patrick Pruaitch (Aitape-Lumi).
Deputy ministers sworn in were Moresby Northeast MP Labi Amaiu, Kainantu MP Johnson Tuke, Chuave MP Wera Mori, Karimui-Nomane MP Moregema Sigo Wei, Henganofi MP Robert Atiyafa, Manus MP Ronny Knight, Menyamya MP Benjamin Phillip, Nawaeb MP Gisuwat Siniwin, Sohe MP Delilah Gore, Kagua-Erave MP James Lagea, Mendi MP De Kewanu and Nuku MP Joe Sungi.
Lagea, Kewanu and Atiyafa are independent MPs, Gore and Mori are from T.H.E Party, Siniwin (PNC), Amaiu (PMFC), Sigo Wei (People’s Party) and Sungi (NA).
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, during a media conference la­ter, said these deputies were chosen according to their experience and capabilities in the respective roles.
“On behalf of the coalition partners, I would like to congratulate you for your appointments as deputies in the government and I know that you will all contribute meaningfully to your ministerial departments,” he said.
He said that he had confidence in the deputy ministers that they would contribute positively to the development of the country as well as their respective electorates.
“Unlike in the past governments, this government will also upgrade the offices and boost the role of the deputies so that they will have more influence in their respective departments,” O’Neill said.
The prime minister said
the staff of deputy ministers would also be increased to impact on the decision-making processes in their respective departments.