Desperate flood-stricken villagers seeking urgent help

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday June 18th, 2013


A COMMUNITY leader in Angoram district in East Sepik has appealed to the Government to provide  immediate assistance to the flood-stricken people in the district. 

Luimack Johnson told The National yesterday that at least five villages in Keram local level government and those along the Sepik River in Angoram had been deprived of clean water, food, medicines and other essential items for eight months since heavy rain and flooding hit the area. 

“I would like to appeal to the O’Neill Government to assist our people on humanitarian grounds, especially the worst-hit Kambaramba village and others in the Keram LLG and other parts along the Sepik River,” Johnson said.

“The people have put up with the flood and continuous rain for more than eight months now and villagers desperately need clean water, food, medicine, mosquito nets and shelter. 

“These can be sourced from Madang but the road is bad.”

Johnson said floods had lasted longer than expected and people were barely coping.

He said more people were getting sick from water-borne diseases and immediate help was necessary. 

A report compiled in April by an assessment team from Angoram district administration showed that apart from numerous homes, health centres and schools were destroyed.

Johnson said the situation had not improved much and people were suffering from sicknesses.

He said some had died from malaria and diseases caused by contaminated water.  

The report was also given to the National Disater Committee and asked for K1.1 million from the Emergency and Disaster funds for immediate humanitarian relief supplies to the affected areas.