Desperate move into army barracks

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 01st Febuary 2012

IT had to happen. It was waiting to happen. The army would never be left along with Somare so arrogant and reckless enough to continue the impasse.
Who in his right mind would want to kill his own children? Somare has done just that. After sacrificing 43 years of his life he has no second thoughts as to the repercussions of his action on the country.
I don’t want to be seen to be pushing the agenda of the O’Niell government since they have acted irresponsibly even with the numbers they have in Parliament. They have unnecessarily undermined the judiciary which is equal to the parliament. They have shredded the constitution like a rag.
What was wrong with allowing their court-reinstated prime minister to enter the parliament and “replacing” him and his team with the numbers they have?  Given the fluidity of PNG politics 24 hours would have been ample time for a crafty old dog like Somare to pull a rabbit out of the bag.
The risk of PNG going down the pathway to anarchy is greatly enhanced. Which judge or magistrate signed the arrest warrant for Brig-Gen Francis Agwi or did the arrest not need such?
What was to stop the Tom Kulunga’s pro-O’Neill faction from liberating Agwi from “house arrest?” And what happens thereafter?
Time seems to be a factor in all this. With only 13 weeks to go before the election, both factions are desperate and thus suicidal. They are hell-bent on getting their hands on the nation’s coffers as it would better increase their chances of forming the government after election. Common sense and respect for the Constitution does not exist in the minds and hearts of these two leaders.
The biggest losers are the people and the nation. The leaders are taking PNG for a joyride. Just how long are the people going to take such treatment?
Peter O’Neill and Sir Michael Somare will have blood on their hands should any be spilled as a result of this prolonged impasse.

Tom Makire
Tari, SHP