Detained for breaching curfew

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A FEMALE police officer has been detained for allegedly driving a Government vehicle after curfew while under the influence in Port Moresby, says a police official.
Officer in charge of minor crimes at Gordon Police Station, Insp Robert Wane, said the officer was the driver of a senior minister’s wife.
Insp Wane said the woman was driving the official vehicle of the minister’s wife and had two PNG Defence Force soldiers and an officer from the Internal Revenue Commission with her when they were stopped at the Erima round about at 10.30pm on Monday night by police officers at a checkpoint.
Police also discovered four open cans of beer and eight unopened cans in the vehicle belonging to the Prime Minister’s Department.
The female officer was charged with driving under the influence while the passengers were each charged with drinking in a moving vehicle. They were all detained at the Boroko Police Station.
Meanwhile, Insp Wane said a police officer was arrested and charged for allegedly assaulting another man at a hair salon in Boroko. He said the officer, who was allegedly drunk, had also unlawfully detained the victim at the police station after assaulting him.
Wane said the officer was detained at the Boroko Police Station.


  • Can she be the bench mark for other ROGUE police officers?
    Over you SOE controller…PNG is watching..
    Set the precedent NOW OR NEVER.

  • Were they genuine to drink and drive during curfew and SOE? they seem smart to abuse the laws that they supposed to implement it.
    Simply terminate them from forces, disobeying SOE orders at this crucial times.

  • 1. “….the officer was the driver of a senior minister’s wife.” I fail to undersatnd this stamement! A Police Officer employed (second job?) as a driver to the minister’s wife???. PNG – land of the unexpected. Over to you SoE Controller and Police Commissioner.

    2. Minister’s wife entittled to a Governent vehicle? I am not aware of this! The vehicle belongs to the Prime Minister’s Department!! As I said, PNG is land of the unexpected. Over to you PM Marape

  • Police thought that they can do anything and are above the law so PNG are watching you Mr.SOE Controller and Mr.Commissioner over to you now.

  • They were behaving like they were immune to the laws of this land. What they were too dumb to understand was they were just mere human beings like us. Being a policewoman/army or a minister’s wife doesn’t make you any special. Bomana awaits!

  • It is clearly now that the SOE controller has no control of his department members and the SOE. Time and time again they kept on breaking the law. Their is no good news coming out of the two daily’s and social media about this so call discipline forces. It doesn’t matter what event they are involve in, in some instance along the way, there will be a news of one or couple of their members breaking the law. We question the training and the recruitment process this so call members go through, is six months too sort? what can we do to make them earn the respect of the people of PNG. They have lost all our respect, hope and the pride we once know of our discipline forces. Heads need to be rolled, over to you my good Prime Minister.

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