Detainee with cholera on the run

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A DETAINEE from the Lae police station, who was taken to the Angau Memorial Hospital cholera treatment centre last Saturday, has escaped from the hospital.He was being treated for cholera.
He is on the loose after escaping on Sunday.
Medical workers are fearful that the man, who was caught at the Situm Mountains last week, now posed a threat to the public.Doctors are appealing to the public to return the man to the treatment centre.
They said that if the man did not return, he would eventually die – after having infected the people who harbour him.Meanwhile, the death toll in Lae from cholera has been revised from seven to five after two deaths were confirmed to be from other illnesses.
This was the information presented by Angau hospital chief executive officer Dr Polapoi Chalau at the briefing of the outbreak task force meeting yesterday.
Figures for Menyamya and Wasu were not available.
The provincial programme adviser for the division of health, Dr Likei Theo, however said he had received reports from health officers in Kabwum early yesterday stating that there were three cases of adults with severe diarrhoea and abdominal pains.
The total number of patients who have been treated at the centre now stands at 299, with 100 admissions.
During the briefing, the provincial health inspector, Peter Watoro, also announced that the water supply and sanitation survey had been completed.
This information will now allow the task force to come up with an action plan to address the water and sanitation issues in the settlement areas of the city.
Some of these settlements had proved to be hotspots for cholera.
Mr Watoro also said food safety surveillance had been carried out daily on food bars.
He said that if these food bars were found to be unsafe and unhealthy, they would be given 72 hours to improve or face closure.
He said an inspection was also carried out at the Lae city police cells after reports that a prisoner had been suffering from diarrhoea.
It was found that the cell ablution block was overflowing with sewerage caused by a blockage.
Mr Watoro said the cells would be closed tomorrow to allow for maintenance.