Detainees subjected to law: Injia


CHIEF Justice Sir Salamo Injia says asylum seekers on Manus are subject to the country’s laws and under the control of  the Government while they are here.
He said the PNG government was also duty bound under the Migration Act to look them while they were in the country.
He said his preliminary findings show  that Australia’s responsibility ended with the closure of the regional processing centre.
“It falls squarely on the (PNG) government to take full responsibility over the future welfare of the asylum seekers,” he said. “The Papua New Guinea government is duty bound to take necessary steps under its obligation under the Migration Act and its obligation under the international law to cater for the welfare and destiny of asylum seekers.”
He said Australia’s involvement in terms of any assistance it might provide to PNG under any mutual arrangements “remain largely if not purely a moral responsibility”.
“The PNG Government, a sovereign nation, in its own right and with its eyes wide open, accepted full responsibility in the first place to accept these asylum seekers.
“When this point is understood and accepted by everyone and especially the asylum seekers, then it really may not matter which transit accommodation facility in PNG or on Manus they are accommodated.”