Develop five-year plans: MP


NATIONAL Planning and Monitoring vice-minister Kobby Bomareo says all levels of government should have five-year development plans.
“This is what is lacking now and the National Planning and Monitoring Department should be going down right to the ward levels to encourage such planning,” he said.
Bomareo said each plan should align with Government’s programmes.
“I noticed that some districts do not have any development plan,” he said.
“We have medium-term development plan three, Vision 2050, we should focus on them and ensure that all districts have well documented five-year development plans.
“When a new government comes in, we must pursue it for all members to have a five-year development plan.
“At the moment, we are operating out of nothing. Our local level government councils also do not have a five-year development plan.
“We ask for money but we do not have any plans. The department can check all wards to ensure that they have five-year development plans aligned with the Government’s plans. This will ensure that all levels of government work in uniformity.”