Develop ideas to keep Lae city clean, tidy

Letters, Normal

I believe the Lae City Authority manager and his technical team should see for themselves the recent work being done by the communities along the Busu Road from China Town all the way to Malahang Industrial Center.
These Lutheran followers did a great job by cleaning the drains, roadsides and even filling the crater like potholes with dirt and even cut grass along this stretch of the road in preparation for the Synod next week. I for one have seen this as a great idea, which the Lae City Authority should adopt.
I believe, if the city authority wants the city to look clean and tidy it should involve the communities in and around the city to help clean the city. And by doing this, these are some of the suggestions I believe would help in the planning process;
* Liaise with the Urban and Aihi LLGs to involve their communities in cleaning and beautifying the city;
* Each LLGs should register their women and youth groups to take part in this initiative;
* Develop a budget plan to cater for this initiative yearly;
* Demarcate each section of road or area in the city and allocate them to each registered groups in their areas;
* Design an agreed working schedule that suits both parties – fortnightly, monthly, quarterly (whichever way possible).
 City authority personnel to oversee and record amount of work done;
* City authority to facilitate and assess work done to make payments;
* Develop a Plan to follow each year;
* Each registered groups to provide their own tools and equipment to use with the help from their LLGs;
* LLGs, to facilitate and provide resources to communities to help them get registered,; and
* Liaise with business houses as well to provide support to these communities and their groups. – D. Loth,
Lae, Morobe province