Developer, landowners reach agreement

National, Normal

The National, Monday November 4th, 2013


ESSO Highlands Limited, the developer of the Papua New Guinea liquefied natural gas  project, has confirmed that work is continuing in the Benaria area after agreements were reached with landowners.

The developer of the multi-billion kina project said work along the segment two pipeline routes was halted by disgruntled landowners after the State failed to honour its commitment.

Reports received from Beneria said that work resumed after the Beneria segment two pipeline landowners in the Hela agreed with the outcome of negotiations last Thursday.

The landowners forced work to shut down following a 14-day petition submitted to the State to address their outstanding ministerial commitments of K6 million as per the umbrella benefit sharing agreement and the landowner benefit sharing agreement of 2009.

The reports said police and soldiers, including company and government representatives, were dispatched to the area to negotiate with the landowners and had finally compromised when they were assured that funds would be released after two days.

The landowners led by Beneria pipeline segment two landowner association chairman, George Hato and Pagale Builders and Suppliers Limited chairman, Samuel Mulungu said work had started after an understanding was reached with the developer.