Development plans for Maprik in motion

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 14th of February, 2014

I REFER to a statement by Joe Simbiken regarding Maprik town going backwards (Feb 7).
Maprik  town  has just got its township status and  for the first time in history we voted our first mayor into office.
Development  takes time and miracles do not happen overnight.
I believe the new mayor with the support from MP John  Simon  and other presidents will always stand  with  him  for  the good development that is in the district and provincial plan for Maprik town.
The banking service has failed from the former MP for Maprik claiming the ownership of the building where  BSP was renting and he failed to renovate the   building  and that is why BSP withdrew its service.
The  new  MP  is  trying  all his best to clean up the mess.
Regarding the hospital, the service will be lifted to a major  hospital serving the Central Sepik community  and  a  contract has been  given  to  a company to do the design and once the  design  is ready, it will be put for public tendered hopefully around March and construction should follow soon.
Maprik town is progressing slowly. 
Hayfield airport will also  be  upgraded  to  see  Air Niugini flights landing.
K5 million has been allocated and I hope when the prime minister visits Maprik for the ceremony, he will allocate another K5 million.
So that is the true story from the people who are always watching and listening  to the latest development issues in Maprik and Central Sepik.

Simon Nakaiban