Development strategic plan


THE Papua New Guinea Development Strategic Plan (PNGDSP) 2010-2030 defines a ‘high quality of life for all Papua New Guineans’ as its ultimate goal.
Towards achieving this, the assumptions about economic growth and income as definitive measures of social and economic wellbeing in PNG are promoted exhaustively in the writing of the PNGDSP.
In terms of integral human development as stated, this is essential to provide all citizens with the opportunity to achieve their potential.
Quality education for all and a world-class health system are key elements of the PNGDSP for human development, helping to develop a highly-skilled workforce and equipping PNG’s entrepreneurs with the skills they need to grow their businesses.
This is 2018 and we have not seen any improvement in these key elements.
Do we have quality education and a world-class health system already in PNG?
If we have quality education already in place, then does it help to develop a highly skilled workforce and equip PNG’s entrepreneurs with the skills they need to grow their businesses as stated? Do we have equal job opportunities?
If we have a world-class health system already established, why do rural health centres face shortage of drugs and giving Panadol to malaria patients?
The management of this nation is in the wrong hands. This country needs a visionary leader.
Is the PNGDSP politicised?
As a matter of fact, it was done under the leadership of the then Somare government.
If this is so, it is a waste of time and resources to plan this nation.
If a new Government is formed again, then new plans and reforms will emerge which will cause our nation to become unexpected as always.

Linny Lemos
Mangi Merohombi

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