Diabetic patient’s dad appeals for help

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A 20-YEAR-old diabetic woman in East New Britain province needs to be flown to Port Moresby to have access to a dialysis machine, which is not available in the province.
This has to be done in the possible shortest time to save Rejoice Abraham’s life and father Abraham Timothy is appealing to companies and organisation that could assist.
Rejoice, from Duke of York and New Ireland parents, is supposed to be doing her Grade 12 this year at Utmei Secondary School but her illness had not allowed her to do so, withdrawing mid last year and is presently at the intensive care unit at St Mary’s Vunapope Hospital.
She had to be on a dialysis machine which was only available at Port Moresby’s International Pacific Hospital.
According to a medical report from Vunapope’s medical superintendent, Dr Felix Diaku, Rejoice was diagnosed with diabetes mellitis type 1.
She had been treated with anti-diabetic medications during her teenage years until now.
Over the past years, she had been in and out of the hospital regularly because of the diabetic complications she was now having.
She is now suffering from chronic renal failure of her kidneys and has a small diabetic sore.
She has also been having bipedal oedema of her legs, puffiness on her face, pain and dizziness.
Rejoice’s mother had also died from the same disease a few years back and her father Timothy said he did not want to lose his young daughter also.
Those who want to assist Rejoice, her father can be contacted on 710 35725 or 760 72147.